Niasque & Lorenzo

Niasque & Lorenzo

A boy and his horse

Laurent would not be Lorenzo without his first horse, Niasque ...
Here he tells us how they met and their beautiful incredible journey together ...

Music: Gitano Family - Les Saintes Maries de la Mer


A small Camargue horse

I was born in the Camargue on a beautiful summer’s day in 1972, at a time when the sun shone on the marsh reflecting thousands of stars. As soon as I could stand up, I knew I wanted to be free and to spend my life running through the moorland.
My story might begin as a tale with “Once upon a time Niasque and Lorenzo” …
In the first place I was a gift. Yes, a wedding gift for Babeth, the mother of Laurent. I was happy at Mas du Marechal Ferrant, especially when two lovely but boisterous toddlers, came to enlarge the family. “Julien and Laurent!” It became a real adventure with Laurent, who would later become “Lorenzo”. We had an instinctive communication!

  • Training 1993
  • Trick riding 1987

Early days training

When Laurent was 6 years old, he began to “ride me like a monkey.” It was at this time that he developed his balance and agility. He performed all manner of acrobatic manoeuvres whilst riding me. He wanted to ride differently from everyone else, different from the Guardians (who look after the cattle) and also different from his brother Julien, who practiced traditional riding.
His first “Fan” was his mother Babeth. She had confidence in him and always encouraged him. We trusted each other completely. We trained extensively on the beaches of the Camargue. We had a close relationship and when the training started to take shape, I knew that we really had something there.

  • 1989 - One of the first shows
  • 1st tiling jumping standing on 3 horses 1991

The first public performance

Laurent gave his first public performance with me when he was only 8, in the arena at Saintes Maries de la Mer. What an emotional moment!
My heart was pounding in my hooves. But what a triumph, my little rider became a prodigy with his acrobatics. Very quickly, I had a companion, Tarzan, with whom I got along wonderfully. Laurent progressed so quickly that we had other companions: Le Cid, Carasco, Albert and Jason.
After completing the usual vaulting figures, Laurent invented his own number to become LORENZO.


Germain was also in our team, a man of experience, a good friend, a confidant and a horseman who could also build huts for horses. Laurent, age 12, was on a course with a team of vaulters in the South of France at Charly Andrieux’s stables when he first met Germain. He was a true horseman, an example for Laurent. Together they became true friends, they often teased each other and always talked about horses. Knowledgeable Germain was a real treasure in the eyes of the little boy. They were inseparable, training, entertaining, spending long evenings around Babeth’s hospitable table.
The memories of this period (1989-1998) of life in the Camargue will remain forever.
They loved each other very much.

  • The most spectacular stunt « the High Jump » 1994
  • Canada 1997

And then we started travelling

And then we started travelling; first in France, then Germany and much of Europe and even Canada. My last trip to Canada was in 1997; I was 25 … amazing flying at that age for a Camargue horse like me! On my return Laurent decided to give me a well earned retirement.
Then other horses took over …
At night, when I sleep, I hear the sound of applause in my ears
And I see my little Prince in his coat of dreams flying in the sky like a shooting star.

To NIASQUE 12th. May 2003 the first horse and companion of LORENZO

Lorenzo 1989-1995

Early days training and performances

Video clips with young Lorenzo and Niasque training on the beach, and from the first public performances.