The horses

The horses

Every horse has their own personality

Every horse is special and brings their own unique character to the show. Some horses have made an even deeper impression and will always hold a special place in Lorenzo’s heart. On this page Lorenzo introduces some of these horses. Let us first begin with the beautiful story of Niasque. Niasque was Lorenzo's first horse when he was a child and with whom his life story began.

Niasque & Lorenzo

A boy and his horse

Laurent would not be Lorenzo without his first horse, Niasque ... here he tells us how they met and their beautiful incredible journey together ...

« The most important thing for me is that my horses live a stress free life, that they live in herds. A free horse is a happy horse, and you can see this in their performance. »




Holidays in Camargue

Welcome to Domaine Lorenzo

Lorenzo opens the doors of his estate in the heart of the Camargue. Enjoy the charm of our fully equipped cottages and discover the Camargue by horse!