How Lorenzo conquered the world

Is it still necessary to introduce Lorenzo?
This prodigious child of the Camargue had his debut at home, in the Arena of Saintes Maries de la Mer. He has been performing for 30 years and become a pillar in the family of equestrian shows.
Always pushing his own boundaries, Lorenzo, the Flying Frenchman, the genius, standing on his horses defying the laws of gravity in the most beautiful arenas in Europe and across the world.
The communication he has with his horses and their common expression of freedom, continues to amaze the public, who have followed him for years.
He is an example for so many others, proof of what can be achieved, through willpower, tenacity, courage and of course his amazing talent.

Around the world

Shows and appearances

Over the years Lorenzo has participated in many of the largest equestrian events. He has also performed on several racetracks in France and United Kingdom, and has appeared on numerous TV shows.


Highlights through the years

Lorenzo's career spans more than thirty years. In these highlights you can follow Lorenzo's success story – from his vaulting shows as a young child to his worldwide performances in front of massive audiences – and see what the future brings.

« When I am with my horses, I become one of them: I think like a horse, I react like a horse, I become like a horse. Maybe that’s why I understand them … »