Highlights through the years

Lorenzo's career spans more than thirty years. In these highlights you can follow Lorenzo's success story – from his vaulting shows as a young child to his worldwide performances in front of massive audiences – and see what the future brings.

  • 1989 - One of the first shows
  • Lorenzo and Tarzan
  • Trick riding 1987
  • Lorenzo appears in the Gipsy Kings's music video Baila Me
  • Appearance on French TV, wearing the design shirt from Christian Lacroix
  • Appearance on French TV, wearing the design shirt from Christian Lacroix


  • 1977 – Birth of Laurent, in the Camargue, south of France.
  • 1985 – First tricks/acrobatics in public at « le Saut de Cheval à Cheval ».
  • 1989 – First vaulting show with his horses Niasque and Tarzan. It was also during this period that Laurent became Lorenzo, the artist.
  • 1991 – Lorenzo’s show shirt was designed and offered by the famous parisian and arlesian costume designer Christian Lacroix.

    – Appearance in the Gipsy Kings’s music video « Baila me ».

  • 1993
    – First TV show appearance for Lorenzo in « Zapper n’est pas jouer », with the creation of his most spectacular stunt the « High Jump ».
  • Lorenzo in front of his first truck 1994
  • The most spectacular stunt « the High Jump » 1994
  • The Fondation Bleustein-Blanchet for the Vocation 1995


  • Canada 1997
  • Canada 1997


  • 1997
    – End of university studies.

    – Lorenzo and his horses fly to Canada for the Jumping World Cup Final in Calgary. It will be an opportunity for Niasque, Lorenzo’s first horse, to finish his career with the honors he deserves.

  • 1998
    Lorenzo introduces his show with six horses together.
  • 2000
    Creation of new roman riding stunts : the « sauts croisés » or jumped cross.
  • 2001
    Participation at the show « The Prince », collaborating with Jean-François Pignon, Bruno Boisliveau and the company Caracole.
  • 2003
    Graduation as Sports Educator in Equestrian activities – BEES 1st degree.


– Lorenzo manages the crazy challenge to realize his Roman Riding with horses in total freedom. It’s a great turning point in his career. While continuing to perform his « Action » show, he enters the field of poetry with his new act, called « Emotion ».

– It’s in Avignon, for the show « les Crinières d’Or » that Lorenzo appears for the first time standing on four horses in total liberty.
It’s a huge success, that will determine his brillant career.

– This is also the year that he will fly for the first time in the Emirates and present his show in the Sultanate of Oman, for his Majesty the Sultan Qaboos Bin Said.

Between 2005 and 2011, Lorenzo keeps performing his Action act and improving his Emotion one, going from four to eight horses in freedom.
It’s also at this time he developes the famous « High Jump » from earlier in his career, now to be performed on two free horses.

  • The cover image of Lorenzo’s first biographical book
  • Medal of Citizen of Honor 2007


  • 2006
    – First participation at the « Salon du Cheval » in Paris.

    – Performing at the Stud of la Cense (Haras de la Cense), which will allow him to go to Montana to visit the American facilities.

    – Invitation in Las Vegas by one of the creator of the Cirque du Soleil.

    – Publication of Lorenzo’s first biographical book « Lorenzo ».

    – Release of his first DVD « Lorenzo, the free man ».

  • 2007

    – Medal of Citizen of Honor 2007 by the city Les Saintes Maries de la Mer.

    – For the first time, Lorenzo presents his acts in Russia, in St Petersburg, where he’ll be back the year after.

    – Participation in 12 cities in the Apassionata Tour in Germany.

  • Princess Alia Al Hussein of Jordan 2008


– Participation in the very first Edition of the Salon du Cheval d’El Jadida in Morocco.

– Participation in the « Printemps des Ecuyers » at the Cadre Noir in Saumur.

– For the second time, Lorenzo presents his numbers in Russia, in St Petersburg.

– Show in Malaysia at the World Endurance Championship Final in front of more than 50,000 people.

– Show in Jordan for Princess Alia Al Hussein of Jordan (Amman).

  • Gold medal from French Ministry of Sport 2012


  • 2010
    – Birth of Lorenzo’s first foals in the Camargue.

    – Once again Lorenzo travels to Russia, in Moscow this time to present his show.

  • 2011
    – Presentation of his Emotion act but this time with 12 horses in total freedom at the Crinières d’Or in Avignon.

    – Release of the second DVD “LORENZO, The passion to go further and higher“.

  • 2012

    – Show in Amsterdam for Her Majesty Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands.

    – Participation in the show “La France à un incroyable talent ” on M6.

    – Participation in the show “Rêve de Randonnée” on Equidia.


– At the Crinières d’Or in Avignon, Lorenzo offers for the first time what will be the premise of his new show, a mix of action and freedom in one single act. For this great occasion, he invited the Ukrainian group Symfomania on stage with him. The show left a tasty contrast of male/female, action/emotion in the eyes of the audience.

– Participation at the Equitana Horse Show in Germany, and meeting with Mr and Mrs Boeckmann who have been supporting Lorenzo in his work ever since.

– Arrival in June of eight new black mares from the famous Ortigao Costa breeding farm in Portugal. The project of the show “Black and White” was born…
The black mares first entered the track at Saintes Marie de la Mer, only one month after their arrival.

– In August, Lorenzo travels to Brazil to meet the famous Mangalarga Marchador horses, invited by Patricia Opik and Agromaripa. On this occasion, he will meet Mr. Marcelo Batista de Oliveira, famous breeder of Mangalargo Marchador “Agro Maripa” horses, who will invite him later for an unforgettable ride in some secluded regions of Brazil.

– A Brazilian TV crew comes to spend several days in the Camargue for the filming of a documentary for Brazilian TV.

  • Lorenzo presenting his show on the Red Square of the Kremlin in Moscow


  • 2014
    – Show in the Kingdom of Bahrain for His Highness King Hamed ben Issa Al Khalifa.

    – Show on the occasion of the World Cup Finals of show jumping and dressage in Lyon.

    – Airing of a documentary on 8 PM TV News from TF1.

    – Participation in the Opening Ceremony of the World Equestrian Games in Caen.

    – Presentation of his show on the Red Square of the Kremlin in Moscow.

  • 2015
    – Lorenzo presents his show in Qatar.

    – For the Equitana Show, Lorenzo reveals for the first time his new show called « Black and White » with his black and white horses. This is the real debut on stage for his black mares. A new chapter is being written …

    – Private performance for the Aga Khan.

    – During the El Jadida fair in Morocco, where Lorenzo presents his show, he receives the support of the horse food distributor Destrier.

  • Samarina with her newborn twins


– Participation in the “Equestrian Life” show on Equidia.

– First time with 16 horses in liberty together, 8 black, 8 white in Avignon cheval passion.

– Airing of the programme “Grands Reportages : Les 4 saisons en Camargue” on TF1.

– Samarina, Lorenzo’s “rebellious” mare stands out once again by giving birth to twins who are doing very well.

– For the Féria des Saintes Maries de la Mer, Lorenzo is still showing originality, bringing back on the Arena track 4 majestic logs made of floated wood. The new choreography of his show will be born from this “crazy” idea.

– Show in Slovakia SAMORIN on the occasion of the Endurance World Cup Final.

– Based at Mas Albert Espelly in Les Saintes Maries de la mer, Lorenzo has opened the doors of his property by offering stays for people wishing to discover his native region: the Camargue.


  • 2017
    – The year 2017 will be a memorable year in Lorenzo’s private life, as he becomes the happy father of a little girl.

    – Lorenzo assumes an unlikely new challenge – to bring the famous Tambours du Bronx to the track. It was at the Salon du Cheval in Paris this crazy bet was fulfilled, Lorenzo twirling in the midst of these wild drums. Thrills guaranteed.

  • 2018
    – Participation at Grand Prix d’Amérique at the Racetrack of Vincennes.

2019 and beyond

  • 2019
    – Lorenzo gets sponsored by the brand DeNiroBootco, which creates custom-made boots for him.

    – In the heart of Paris, under the great glass roof of the Grand Palais, Lorenzo presented his show on the occasion of the prestigious Saut Hermès Jumping show.

    – For the first time Lorenzo presents his show in a unique and symbolic location for the 80th anniversary of the Domaine Paul Ricard in Méjanes in the Camargue. On this occasion, the show takes place in the middle of nature, and starts in the middle of wild bulls.

  • 2020 and beyond
    – The show goes on with more beautiful projects to come … writing a new book, and preparing a new film for 2021 …

    – And the arrival of his second daughter …