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* Editor : WUWEI
* Autor : Luisina Dessagne
* Issue : 02/12/2007
* No of pages : 144 pages
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A selection of images from the LORENZO book, available in the webshop in several languages. Photos by Robin Hasta Luego.


In the large family of equestrian artists, Lorenzo is something of a child prodigy.
His performances are truly unique, such as his stand-up dressage which has its origin in Hungary. For example: four pairs of horses - one behind the other - with whom he jumps impressively over obstacles at full gallop.
He has already presented this programme - known as 'Lorenzo Action' - throughout most of Europe - and each time he takes his audience by storm and receives standing ovations.
Only in his early thirties, Lorenzo can already look back over a career which spans a period of more than twenty years. He is still young and yet so full of life, which proves what a person with courage, willpower and strength of purpose can achieve.
Quite apart from his outstanding talent of course ...

The author and the photograph have accompanied Lorenzo during a spring. In the Camargue first, they saw him live with his horses, while he was training just before leaving for England for series of shows. Then, at Sheffield where he performed his 2 shows. Illustrated by beautiful pictures of his shows, this book tells us about Lorenzo in an intimate way, in the backstage, which allows us to better understand and to know more about this incredibly talented artist.